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Communicating Climate Change. 19-20 November, 2007. Minho, Portugal.

Communication Climate Change :
Discourses, Mediations and Perceptions

University of Minho, Braga, Portugal

Climate change is currently a prominent scientific, political, economic and civic issue with key implications for our common future(s). It mobilizes a variety of social actors and has figured highly on media agendas for around two decades.

The communication of climate change within and across the "boundaries" of science, politics and economics, and between expert and non-expert publics, poses a series of key questions for research.

How is climate change framed and reframed by social actors such as scientists, policy-makers and environmental activists ? How have the media represented climate change in the last two decades ? What is the relation between media(ted) discourses and people’s understanding of climate change ? What can we learn from cross-national comparisons ? To what extent are representations of climate change culturally-bound ?

This conference aims to analyse the connections between discursive and social representations of climate change. It will discuss the meanings of climate change in the discourses of various social actors, media(ted) discourses, and citizens’ views on the issue.

Contact : Anabela Carvalho

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