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Nordic Network for the Study of the Dialogic Communication of Research

Research/society relations in contemporary societies have undergone what can be dubbed a “dialogic turn”, with researchers in universities and other research institutions being called upon to produce socially relevant knowledge and further social innovation in dialogue with different social actors and their perspectives. The network takes its starting-point in a recognition of the centrality of the dialogic turn to a new form of scientific governance that involves a reconfiguration, and apparent democratisation of, relations between researchers, expertise and publics. The dialogic turn is manifested in research communication policies internationally (including in the Nordic countries) which have led to the launching of a number of practical initiatives that have the official aim of furthering dialogue-based research communication. But despite the proliferation of practical initiatives, the field of study on the dialogic communication of research can be characterised as an emergent and fragmented research area, made up of isolated pockets of research taking place in dispersed fields. The network aims to develop the emergent field of study by

* bringing together 3 dispersed traditions of research (Action Research, Science and Technology Studies, and Social Constructionist Approaches to Dialogic Communication Theory and Practice) and building on the central role of Nordic research in those traditions * supporting the application of dialogic communication theory as a practical resource in relevant social and organisational contexts * providing high-quality, cross-disciplinary and cross-national research training for doctoral students through their active participation in the 5 network seminars. * generating individual and collaborative academic publications and communication in non-academic fora. * establishing new international contacts and consolidating existing contacts with researchers and research groups in Europe and internationally, through the network’s international publications, the participation of guest speakers and the participation of network members at conferences.

The network runs for a three-year period from Autumn 2008 until Autumn 2011 and brings together 32 members belonging to participating groups at seven different Nordic universities. It is made up of 16 participants from Denmark (from Aalborg University, CBS and RUC), five participants from Finland (University of Tampere), five participants from Norway (University of Oslo and Agder University) and six participants from Sweden (University of Luleå). 14 of the members are doctoral students and one of the activities in the network is a Ph.D. course due to take place in Spring 2010 at Roskilde University. The other activities take the form of four research seminars on relevant themes, due to take place at universities in the network. For more information about the network, please contact the Network Co-ordinator, Louise Phillips, Associate Professor, Department of Communication, Business and Information Technologies, RUC at (website :