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Public Understanding of Science

Public Understanding of Science is an essential source for any scholar working in this field. Its international reach and its wide range of contributors make it even more valuable." Professor Jon D. Miller

Public Understanding of Science is a fully peer reviewed international journal covering all aspects of the inter-relationships between science (including technology and medicine) and the public.

Topics Covered Include...

·surveys of public understanding and attitudes towards science and technology

·perceptions of science

·popular representations of science

·scientific and para-scientific belief systems

·science in schools

·history of science education and of popular science

·science and the media

·science fiction

·scientific lobbying

·evaluative studies of science exhibitions and interactive science centres

·scientific information services for the public

·popular protest against science (’anti-science’)

·science in developing countries and appropriate technology

Comprehensive Coverage

Public Understanding of Science publishes articles which are are both broad in scope and detailed in coverage. Each peer-reviewed article encourages development of new knowledge and analysis.

Regular Features Include..

·Research papers - Reports of original research

·Perspectives - Exploration of key ideas and issues in theory, practice, and policy

·Reviews - Commissioned reviews of recent books, exhibitions, and other issues of interest

·Bibliography - Annotated bibliography of recent research in the field