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Science Communication

The flow of expert knowledge is undergoing rapid change. As information highways are constructed around the globe, new questions about ethics, goals, and economics must be answered. Science Communication addresses theoretical and pragmatic questions central to some of today’s most vigorous political and social debates. This discourse crosses national, cultural, and economic boundaries on issues such as health care policy, educational reform, international development, and environmental risk.

Interdisciplinary Approach Science Communication unites international scholarly exploration of three broad but interrelated topics : Communication within research communities - Communication of scientific and technical information to the public - Science and Technology communications policy. Science is broadly defined within the context of Science Communication to include social science, engineering, medical knowledge, as well as the physical and natural sciences.

Critical Mass The evolution of Science Communication has been fueled by increased scholarly attention to the diffusion aspect of expert knowledge. Science Communication sets new standards for scholarly and critical analysis of public communication by linking public policy to the parameters in which knowledge is created. Topics include :

Communication among experts and professionals... The journal explores such diverse and important subjects as how scientists and engineers use new communication technologies, and the unique problems in peer-review practices for research journals.

Communication history... In this rich and varied area of inquiry, you’ll find a broad range of articles, including the evolution of science broadcasting, content analyses of gender and racial stereotypes in science magazines, and evaluations of the effectiveness of government programs to enhance the public’s understanding of science.

Communication of scientific information to other professionals... Because the dissemination of scientific information is critical, Science Communication examines important and far ranging issues, such as the use of scientific knowledge in court, and how research findings are shaped to refine government regulation.

Communication to audiences outside technical communities... In the pages of Science Communication, you’ll find articles that analyze the content of scientific information in commercial television, as well as scholarship that probes issues like the changing economics of science museums.

Thematic Issues Science Communication occasionally supplements its expert coverage with Special Issues that provide in-depth focus on a particular area of research. Examples include : Intellectual Property Rights in a Web of Social Relations · Environmental Justice and the Challenge of Communication · Feminist Perspectives on Communication About Science, Medicine, and Engineering to the Public · "Globe-Speak" and Enviro-Communication : International Issues in Science Journalism · Zoos, Aquaria and Science Centers : Economics and Ethics · Globalization and Science Communication · Cultivating the Civic Scientist · Internet Bounty : How the Public Harvests Science and Health Information · Understanding Public Communication of Science and Technology