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Call for submissions to Environmental Communication : Environmental Justice

Call for Papers

Special Issue of Environmental Communication : A Journal of Nature and Culture

Volume 6, No. 2, June 2012 (Projected)

Environmental Justice in International Contexts

Editor : Stacey Sowards, University of Texas at El Paso

The importance of communicating about and for environmental justice issues in national and global contexts is increasingly important in the 21st century as we are confronted with environmental problems such as air and water pollution, climate change, development and sustainability issues, and the role of people within local/global contexts. The purpose of this special issue is to address how environmental communication scholars and practitioners address and understand such environmental justice issues in international contexts, building upon scholarship presented at the June 2011 Conference on Communication and the Environment (COCE). COCE’s 2011 theme addressed environmental justice in international contexts, and the focus of this special issue is to bring that theme to the forefront of environmental communication scholarship.

Recent interdisciplinary scholarship has re-examined the environmental justice movement in the United States since its advent in the 1980s. In particular, Sandler and Pezzullo’s (2007) book Environmental Justice and Environmentalism : The Social Justice Challenge to the Environmental Movement calls for study of how environmental movements can work together with environmental justice movements, while recognizing their differences and important contributions to a broader concept of justice, both human and non-human. Cotton and Motta’s (2011) recently published conference proceedings from the 9th Global Conference on Environmental Justice and Global Citizenship (Engaging with Environmental Justice : Governance, Education and Leadership) also demonstrate the importance of expanding our understanding of environmental justice in global contexts with essays that explore environmental justice themes related to education, law and government, technology, and climate change, among others.

Building from such scholarship, this call for papers is open to essays that expand our thinking about environmental communication related to justice and international contexts. Possible topics might include, but are not limited to :

General Guidelines for Submissions :

Manuscripts should be submitted by no later than 11:00 pm, Mountain Standard Time (USA), September 30, 2011 via Manuscript Central (see above). Questions should be addressed to Stacey Sowards or Steve Depoe