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Listed below is a calendar of events, meetings or conferences in the field of Science and Environment Communication.

Earth Science Communication in a Changing Media Landscape - call for abstracts, AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, 5-9 Dec 2011

I would like to highlight a special session to you at the upcoming AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco, December 5 - 9 2011. Randy Richardson from Arizona University and I are the organizers of the session "Earth Science Communication in a Changing Media Landscape" (PA03) at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting 5-9 December 2011. With more than 16.000 participants from all over the (...)
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7th World Conference of Science Journalists (Doha, 27-29 June 2011)

I’m writing to invite you to join us in Doha from 27 to 29 June for the 7th World Conference of Science Journalists 2011 (WCSJ2011). It’s already been a remarkable start to the year for science reporters with the continuing Japanese crisis and floods and earthquakes around the world. At the conference we will explore the challenges of reporting science in a crisis. We will discuss (...)
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’A crisis of science journalism ?’ - London PUS seminar - 23rd March

The next London Public Understanding of Science Seminar will be on Wed 23rd March. We are pleased to welcome Andy Williams (Cardiff University) who will be discussing his recent research on science journalism in the UK. Speaker : Andy Williams, Cardiff University Title : A crisis of science journalism ? Date, Time and Location : Wednesday 23rd March 2011 16:15-18:00 Venue : S314 Room S314 (...)
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Mediating Environmental Change : Exploring The Way Forward

4 March, 2011 Symposium organised by the Centre for Journalism and Communication Research at The Media School, Bournemouth University In collaboration with the MeCCSA Climate Change, Environment and Sustainability Network Call for Papers The Mediating Environmental Change symposium will facilitate a debate on emerging and established forms and practices of environmental reporting – (...)
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Climate Change controversies in the media. Sociological insights

Events over the past year — most notably the Copenhagen conference, controversies over the IPCC, and more recently the Gulf oil spill — have significantly shaped news coverage on climate change, likely marking a new era or stage in the issue’s “narrative cycle”. However, the interpretation of these events and their symbolic power depend on social and historical conditions that give them meaning (...)
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Organizational Communication and Environment

Call for papers : Organizational Communication and Environment - Brussels, 18-19 November 2010 Organizational Communication and Environment : Evolution of Approaches and Change of Practices LASCO (Laboratory for the Analysis of Organisational Communication Systems), UCL Brussels, 18 and 19 November 2010 Andrea Catellani, Thierry Libaert The purpose of this international and (...)
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